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  • Is ZeroSSL a certificate authority?

    Yes, any SSL certificates purchased through ZeroSSL will come with ZeroSSL listed as the official certificate authority. Our certificates have great coverage and are used by thousands of companies worldwide.

  • Why not just use Let's Encrypt?

    ZeroSSL comes with significant advantages compared to Let's Encrypt, including access to a fully-featured SSL management console, an REST API for SSL management, SSL monitoring, and more.

  • Can I upgrade, downgrade and cancel anytime?

    Yes, your subscription plan can be upgraded, downgraded or canceled at any time. Upgrades are effective immediately and downgrades come into effect at the end of the current billing period.

  • Do I need a credit card?

    To get started using the Free Plan, a credit card will not be required. Should you decide to switch to a more powerful subscription plan, you can add your billing details easily using your account dashboard.

  • I need a custom solution. What do I do?

    Our public subscription plans are just the start. To get a custom solution tailored to your specific use case, please reach out to our Sales team and share your SSL requirements.

  • How do I install my SSL certificate?

    In most cases, installing an SSL certificate is a simple process. However, the exact steps to do so vary depending on your server and platform. To learn how to install your certificate, please visit our Help Center.

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