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Welcome to ZeroSSL

Welcome to the ZeroSSL Help Center. This page offers a series of useful resources and tutorials to help you get started using ZeroSSL and creating SSL certificates in the shortest time possible. First of all, please find some basic information about the ZeroSSL and the ZeroSSL certificate authority below.

What is ZeroSSL?

ZeroSSL is a one-stop solution for SSL certificate creation and management, allowing users to create website security certificates issued by ZeroSSL either using a fast and straightforward user interface, using ACME integrations, or using a full-fledged SSL REST API. ZeroSSL supports single-domain, multi-domain and wildcard certificates with the option of choosing between 90-day as well as 1-year certificate validity.

What makes ZeroSSL different?

At ZeroSSL, our two main priorities are the security of our certificates as well as service reliability. What sets ZeroSSL apart from the vast majority of long-established SSL providers, is a third, essential focus ZeroSSL is built on top of: User Experience. We are proud to be offering the most straightforward and easy-to-use SSL platform out there, allowing both technical and non-technical customers to secure their websites using SSL while taking care of most of the technical hassle associated with SSL certificates automatically and in the background.

Is ZeroSSL secure?

Security is our single most important priority here at ZeroSSL, which means that as a customer you can rest assured that all industry-standard security practices are respected and the ZeroSSL system is held to the highest security standard possible. Furthermore, every SSL certificate you order is issued directly with ZeroSSL as its certificate authority.

One of the principles here at ZeroSSL is providing a high level of transparency when it comes to ZeroSSL certificates and the ZeroSSL system. You can find links to the most frequently read security articles below:

Can I use ZeroSSL for free?

We are proud of playing a significant role in securing the internet, and our contribution to that meaningful goal lies in offering a specific amount of 90-day SSL certificates at absolutely no charge using the ZeroSSL platform. And it gets even better: If customers choose to make use of ACME integrations in order to create and renew their 90-day SSL certificates, limitations are lifted completely.

How can I get in touch?

Our award-winning Sales & Support team is happy to help with any questions you might have about the ZeroSSL product or certificates. To contact us, please use our contact form and we will get back to you in the shortest time possible.