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Troubleshoot: Status Pending Validation

Generally, the validation of certificates completes after less than 5 minutes. There are several reasons why one or multiple certificates may remain in status pending validation for longer than usual.

Troubleshoot: Certificate Status Pending Validation

Reason #1: Existing CAA Record

CAA records are DNS records attached to your domain that specify precisely which certificate authorities are allowed to issue certificates for your domain. If your domain does not carry any CAA records, our systems will not have a problem issuing your certificate. If, however, your domain has CAA records on file but none for as an allowed certificate authority, our system will not be able to issue your certificate.

If your problem might be connected to CAA records, you can resolve this by:

  • either: removing all CAA records from your domain
  • or: adding a new CAA record to your domain with as value

Not sure how to add CAA records to your domain? Click here to learn more.

Reason #2: HTTP Redirects

In some instances, if too many HTTP redirects (e.g. 301 or 302) are used on your website, our systems are not able to verify your domains, which will keep your certificate from being issued. In order to ensure that your certificate can be issued, please keep the number of HTTP redirects on your website at a minimum.

Reason #3: Email Unconfirmed

If you chose to verify your domains via email, please make sure that you have access to one of the verification email addresses. For each domain in your certificate you will receive a separate confirmation email with simple verification instructions. Please always check your Spam folder.

For details about email verification, please read this article.