REST API Generate ACME EAB Credentials

Generate ACME EAB Credentials via APIHTTPS POST

To generate a set of ACME EAB credentials using the ZeroSSL API you will need to make an HTTPS POST request to the API endpoint below.

Please Note Since March 2022 all EAB credentials are reusable. One set of EAB credentials should be enough for most use cases. EAB credentials are limited to a maximum per user/per day.

API Request URL:

HTTPS GET Request Parameters:

Parameter Description
access_key access_key[Required] Use this parameter to specify your API access key.

API Response:

If your API request has been successful, you will receive a simple JSON response indicating that your API request was successful and containing your ACME EAB credentials. Find an example API response below.

    "success": 1
    "eab_kid": "GD-VvWydSVFuss_GhBwYQQ",
    "eab_hmac_key": "MjXU3MH-Z0WQ7piMAnVsCpD1shgMiWx6ggPWiTmydgUaj7dWWWfQfA"

Response Objects:

Parameter Description
success successReturns 1 to indicate that your API request was successful.
eab_kid eab_kidReturns your EAB KID value.
eab_hmac_key eab_hmac_keyReturns your EAB HMAC key value.