REST API Download Certificate (inline)

Download Certificate (inline)HTTP GET

To download a certificate inline as JSON objects using the ZeroSSL API, you can use the download endpoint below and pass the given certificate ID (hash) to the API to the URL inside the {id} parameter, as shown below.

API Request URL:{id}/download/return

HTTP GET Request Parameters:

Parameter Description
access_key access_key[Required] Use this parameter to specify your API access key.
{id} {id}[Required] Use this parameter to specify your certificate ID / hash.
include_cross_signed include_cross_signed Set this parameter to 1 to include the cross signed certificate in the response (further information).
Please Note Please note that only issued certificates can be downloaded.

API Response:

If your API request is successful, the ZeroSSL API will return your certificate files in JSON format. You will find an example API response carrying an example certificate below:

    "certificate.crt": "---BEGIN CERTIFICATE---{primary_certificate}---END CERTIFICATE---",
    "ca_bundle.crt": "---BEGIN CERTIFICATE---{certificate_bundle}---END CERTIFICATE---"

Response Objects:

Parameter Description
certificate.crt certificate.crtReturns your primary certificate file.
ca_bundle.crt ca_bundle.crtReturns your certificate bundle file.