REST API Download Certificate (ZIP)

Download Certificate (ZIP)HTTPS GET

To download a certificate as a ZIP-file using the ZeroSSL API, you can use the download endpoint below and pass the given certificate ID (hash) to the API to the URL inside the {id} parameter, as shown below.

API Request URL:{id}/download

HTTPS GET Request Parameters:

Parameter Description
access_key access_key[Required] Use this parameter to specify your API access key.
{id} {id}[Required] Use this parameter to specify your certificate ID / hash.
include_cross_signed include_cross_signed Set this parameter to 1 to include the cross signed certificate in the response (further information).
Please Note Please note that only issued certificates can be downloaded.

API Response:

If your API request is successful, the ZeroSSL API will return your certificate files wrapped in a ZIP-file.