REST API Revoke Certificate

Revoke CertificateHTTP POST

To revoke an issued certificate using the ZeroSSL API you will need to make an HTTP POST request to the API endpoint below and specify your certificate using its ID (hash) inside the URL's {id} parameter, as shown below.

Possible reasons why you might want to revoke an issued certificate:

  • There is any risk that its private key might have been compromised (urgent)
  • The domain it was issued for is no longer operational
  • The contents of the certificate are wrong
Warning Make sure to use this endpoint with care and do only revoke certificates you really want to revoke. Only certificates with status issued can be revoked. If a certificate has already been successfully revoked you will get a success response nevertheless.

API Request URL:{id}/revoke

HTTP POST Request Parameters:

Parameter Description
access_key access_key[Required] Use this parameter to specify your API access key.
{id} {id}[Required] Use this parameter to specify the certificate ID (hash) of the certificate to be revoked.
reason reason

One of:

  • Unspecified: Default
  • keyCompromise: Compromised private key
  • affiliationChanged: Subjects' name or identity information has changed
  • Superseded: Certificate has been replaced
  • cessationOfOperation: Authorized domain names are no longer owned

API Response:

If your API request has been successful, you will receive a simple JSON response indicating that your API request was successful.

    "success": 1

Response Objects:

Parameter Description
success successReturns 1 to indicate that your API request was successful.