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Secure your web presence using rock-solid 90-day or 1-year SSL certificates powered by ZeroSSL, supporting wildcards, multiple domains and quick renewal. Trusted by 99.9% of browsers.

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SSL Certificates
90-Day Certificates

Protect your websites using 90-day SSL certificates at no charge by signing up for the ZeroSSL Free Plan. Certificate validation takes just a few minutes and installation is as easy as it gets with instructions at every step of the way.

  • Free 90-Day SSL Certificates
  • Industry-Standard HTTPS Encryption
  • One-Step Validation
  • Quick & Easy Renewal
1-Year Certificates

Create trust, secure customer transactions and stay ahead of threats across the web using ZeroSSL Premium 1-Year SSL certificates for single or multiple domains, supporting wildcard certificates and installation in under 10 minutes.

  • Premium 1-Year SSL Certificates
  • Gold-Standard SSL Protection
  • Simple Validation & Installation
  • Multiple Domains
  • Wildcard SSL
Multiple Domains

Both 90-day and 1-year ZeroSSL certificates can contain a single or multiple domain names. Although each domain requires verification, registering a multi-domain SSL certificate is just as easy as for a single domain.

Multi-Domain SSL Certificates
Wildcard SSL

Need to protect a fixed or variable number of sub-domains using your SSL certificate? Wildcards can be issued for any type of ZeroSSL certificate, regardless of validity.

Wildcard SSL Protection

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