One-Step Validation

Validating SSL certificates using ZeroSSL is straightforward and takes just a few minutes, supporting automatic CSR-generation and domain verification via email, DNS (CNAME) or HTTP file upload.

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SSL Certificate Validation
Automatic CSR

Speed up the configuration of your SSL certificate by letting ZeroSSL auto-generate your Certificate Signing Request instead of entering general, admin and tech contact information manually, or simply paste your existing CSR.

Autmatic CSR Generation
One-Step Email Validation

One-Step email validation is the fastest way of verifying one or multiple domain for your SSL certificate. Select one of the available email aliases (example: [email protected]) and click the confirmation link sent to that email inbox.

One-Step Email Validation
CNAME Validation

If validating your domain name via email is not an option, another quick alternative is DNS validation. ZeroSSL will generate a CNAME value for you to add as a DNS entry.

  • Simple DNS Entry
  • CNAME Validation
HTTP File Upload

To validate one or multiple domains in your SSL certificate you can also choose HTTP file upload and place an auto-generated, lightweight text file to your server.

  • Lightweight text file
  • HTTP File Upload
  • HTTPS File Upload

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