REST API Generate ACME EAB Credentials

Generate ACME EAB Credentials via APIHTTP POST

To generate a set of ACME EAB credentials using the ZeroSSL API you will need to make an HTTP POST request to the API endpoint below.

API Request URL:

HTTP GET Request Parameters:

Parameter Description
access_key access_key[Required] Use this parameter to specify your API access key.

API Response:

If your API request has been successful, you will receive a simple JSON response indicating that your API request was successful and containing your ACME EAB credentials. Find an example API response below.

    "success": 1
    "eab_kid": "GD-VvWydSVFuss_GhBwYQQ",
    "eab_hmac_key": "MjXU3MH-Z0WQ7piMAnVsCpD1shgMiWx6ggPWiTmydgUaj7dWWWfQfA"

Response Objects:

Parameter Description
success successReturns 1 to indicate that your API request was successful.
eab_kid eab_kidReturns your EAB KID value.
eab_hmac_key eab_hmac_keyReturns your EAB HMAC key value.