Documentation REST API

Getting Started

ZeroSSL makes it easy to create, install and manage SSL certificates of any kind by offering an easy-to-use user interface with clear instructions and plenty of automation in the background. To better serve customers who are looking to put SSL management on autopilot completely, we are offering a full-fledged SSL REST API that will allow you to automate all of the actions our UI supports and perform them using a secure, fast and straightforward API interface.

Base URL

API requests are made using a simple API base URL, variable endpoints and requests using HTTP GET and POST. No matter which API endpoint you are using, the value below will your base URL:

Access Key

Each user account is assigned a unique API access key, which must be passed to the API using a simple HTTP GET request parameter called access_key. You will find your API access key in the Developer section of your ZeroSSL management console.

You can find an example URL carrying an API access key below:
Please note that the values example_endpoint and EXAMPLE_KEY will need to be replaced in order to work.


The ZeroSSL API currently supports around 10 methods you can use to create, verify, download and otherwise existing or new SSL certificates. Some methods are making use of HTTP GET parameters, others require HTTP POST parameters in order to work.

To get started right away, please find a list of available API methods below: